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Veterans PTSD Experience

Breathe in Freedom: 9D Somatic Breathwork for Veterans in PTSD, guided towards healing.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 123 US dollars
  • Zoom|Celestial

Service Description

Welcome to the 9D Somatic Breathwork Experience for veterans in PTSD, guided by an OIF veteran and transformational breath coach. With a deep understanding of the terrain, participants are assured they are in good hands. Through the power of conscious connected breathwork, hypnotic suggestion, subliminal messages, and affirmations, along with 432 Hz tuned music and diverse binaural frequencies, this immersive experience aims to address old wounds and emotional scars. The session focuses on turning off autopilot, fostering self-acceptance and forgiveness. Participants are encouraged to release tensions, negative emotional charges, and reflect on past events without triggers or specifics. The journey involves discomfort, requiring inner resolve during approximately fifty minutes of deep breathing. Embracing discomfort is key to unlocking healing. Led through the process, participants are nudged to confront and clear bioenergetic blocks carried within. They are reminded of their resilience, having faced and overcome personal demons. Safety and support are emphasized throughout the experience, ensuring a secure environment for growth and healing. As the breathwork session commences, individuals are guided to consciously relax and let go of tension, allowing muscles to unwind. This time is solely for self-care and relaxation, providing a break from daily stressors. With a focus on inner peace, participants are encouraged to release emotional burdens and move past obstacles that hinder progress towards personal freedom. Together, participants embark on a journey of clearing obstacles, confronting challenges, and paving the way towards emotional freedom. Through deep breathing and internal work, they begin to dismantle barriers and create a pathway to their own liberation and peace of mind. The 9D Somatic Breathwork Experience offers veterans the opportunity to engage in healing practices, confront past traumas, and find inner resilience and peace. By leaning into discomfort and following the guidance provided, participants can take significant steps towards healing, growth, and self-discovery, guided by an experienced and understanding leader. Each breath taken becomes a step closer to freedom and transformation, making way for a future illuminated by peace and authenticity.

Cancellation Policy

Any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the service fee. No call, no show appointments (this includes appointments cancelled with less then 2 hours notice) will be charged 100% of the service fee. Fees must be paid before rebooking. Please cancel by contacting Celestial at 319-573-3782. No emails please. There are no refunds for any service fully received, no exceptions.

Contact Details

  • 164 Tiki Terrace, Hiawatha, IA, USA


  • 164 Tiki Terrace, Hiawatha, IA, USA


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