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Celestial Signature Service a 9D Experience

What is the Celestial Signature Service? 

This service is a 75 minute sojourn into letting go of Stress and Anxiety utilizing a combination of 9D Breathwork and Energy work blended and weaved together to guide you towards serene tranquility. This journey navigates you through the rough waters of anxiety, liberating you from the tight grip of day-to-day tensions. Incorporating deep belly breathing, coherent breathing, box breathing, and the 4:2:6 method, it blends a harmonious rhythm of relaxation techniques interwoven with hands-on healing modalities such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Therapeutic Touch . And for a hint of invigoration, the infinity breathing technique provides a subtle activation, allowing you to gently explore the sensation of energizing your system. Centered around the themes of calm, centeredness, clarity, and serenity, this expedition fosters a profound personal retreat. You'll shed the weight of accumulated stress, making way for mental clarity, peaceful repose, and rejuvenated balance. This soothing voyage serves as a foundation for continued mental wellness and resilience, bolstering the revelation of your calmest self. Embrace the embrace of quietude, enhancing your life with a renewed sense of peace and boundless tranquility.

This offering is perfect for one on one as well as small and large group sessions, as well as being available for in-person and distance sessions via Zoom with groups online up to 100 people. This can be brought into your home or business as a means to help support your family and staff. I’ll be offering this as outlined below:

For the one on one sessions your self-investment of $123 is the current exchange rate for these services. 

For the small group sessions a self-investment of $222 for up to 3 people and additional cost of $60 per person up to 12 participants. 

For larger group sessions of 13-24 people the self-investment is $50 a person with a base cost of $650 covering the first 13 participants. 

All sessions are offered in-person or via Zoom as I work with clients around the world as energy knows no time, place or distance when we work inside these safe containers where we allow others to show as their most vulnerable selves. 

Currently scheduling via email as I continue to work on the website design and scheduling software. 

Please reach out to for scheduling or further questions. Looking to bring this to groups larger than 24 in-person? I do have options for bigger in person groups though additional costs apply.

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