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Second Tuesday
of each month at 6:30pm CST 
via Zoom

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Freewill Donation 9D Breathwork Experience: Downregulation and Regeneration

A powerful reset helping you to ground into the awareness that you are whole.

And whatever emotions you may be feeling or even suppressing in your life are not only welcome, but invited into the space today.

In the session, you will be guided by a range of different vibrational frequencies.

Hypnotherapy and subliminal messages with the intention of taking you to the depths of your own subconscious mind.

When you walk away from this session, you will feel at peace in your mind, relaxed in your body, connected to your cell, And you'll carry a complete inner knowing that this healing journey you have found yourself on is the path that you design for yourself You'll know that it's real, that you are loved and protected, and that your days ahead are guided.

And supported.

And with that, let us begin.

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