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Welcome to Celestial,


A culmination of my journey, experiences, and the essence of the universe itself. In the past years, my path has intertwined with the energy of the cosmos, guiding me towards a profound transformation that led to the birth of Celestial. This cosmic journey has allowed me to shed old layers and embrace a new identity that resonates with authenticity, enabling me to manifest the full potential of the tools I offer.

Throughout 19 years of dedication, I have immersed myself in diverse modalities, constantly expanding my knowledge and enriching my toolkit. With confidence cultivated through global client interactions, I am now stepping into the limelight to share my expertise with the world. Whether in person or through virtual sessions on Zoom, my Celestial Signature Service weaves together a tapestry of practices such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Munay-Ki, and Shamanic traditions. Furthermore, my latest venture into the 9D Transformational Breathwork system, certified in 2023, promises a transformative experience unlike any other.

I extend an invitation to join me on a journey of raising your body's frequency, exploring realms beyond the tangible and delving into the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. May our paths be illuminated with gentleness, peace, and abundant blessings as we navigate the landscapes of time and space together.

🌿✨ "Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing with our 9D Breathwork Journeys! 🌿✨

At Celestial, we believe in the power of healing and growth through intentional breathwork experiences. Designed to guide you through a profound transformation, our carefully curated sequence offers a path to profound self-discovery and inner peace.

🌟 Begin your odyssey by Reconnecting with Your Inner Child, embracing the innocence and purity within your heart. 🌟

🌿 Explore the depths of your being as you confront and heal the 5 Primary Trauma Imprints, paving the way for healing and renewal. 🌿

🌬️ Release the burden of Stress and Anxiety, allowing yourself to breathe freely and light as the gentle wind. 🌬️

💫 Journey through the generations as you uncover and mend the wounds of your past with Healing Ancestral Lines. 💫

🍃 Let go of that which no longer serves you, embracing the liberation and renewal that comes with Letting Go. 🍃

💰 Open the floodgates to Prosperity and Abundance, welcoming abundance into every aspect of your life. 💰

🌌 Awaken to The Origin of your true essence, connecting with the source of your being and purpose. 🌌

🌀 Experience a Full System Reset, cleansing and rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit for a fresh start. 🌀

🦋 Rise above your fears and limitations, Transcending Fear with courage and resilience. 🦋

🌿 Embrace the duality of release and renewal with Letting Go and Moving On, both in its Original and Remastered forms. 🌿

✨ Finally, bask in The Awakening, a profound realization of your true self and infinite potential. ✨

This transformative journey is meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive exploration of your inner landscape, guiding you towards profound healing and personal growth. Take the first step towards a new chapter of your life with our 9D Breathwork Journeys. Dare to transform, dare to dream, dare to breathe." 🌿💫

Transform your life today with Celestial. 🌟


#HealingJourney #InnerPeace #Transformation"

With celestial regards,


Jess Karma, IA

"Craig is a absolutely amazing gifted human, I did the 9D let it to session, and I have been trying to put my experience into words. All I can say is it was life changing for me. I am 2 weeks out of having the session and there is such a noticeable difference in me. I would recommend these sessions to every human I know."
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